Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur

Discover the Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur by Five Eleven Distilling

Did you know Australian blueberries are in a premium blueberry liqueur? Our distillery, Five Eleven Distilling, crafts this. We've used local blueberries to create something special.

We are located in South Australia's unique landscape. Our Australian blueberry liqueur is sophisticated. It's perfect for sipping or in elegant cocktails. We are committed to quality and sustainability.

Let us share our love story of local produce and craftsmanship. This is more than a drink. It's Five Eleven Distilling's tradition in a bottle.

Introducing Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur

At Five Eleven Distilling, we treasure genuine craft and quality. We are proud to present Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur. It's a top-notch artisan product.

An Artisan Blueberry Delight

Our blueberry liqueur's journey starts in South Australia's rich soil. We pick only the best blueberries for their bold taste. Each batch captures the area's unique flavour perfectly.

Handcrafted in South Australia

We are devoted to old-style crafting. Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur is made with care and skill. It shows our distillers' hard work and talent.

Five Eleven Distilling's Dedication to Quality

Our goal is to make a top-notch cocktail component. We aim to create a liqueur that lifts any drink. Rökkur adds a special touch to your cocktails.





South Australia

Juicy and vibrant, selected for superior quality


Local Spring

Pure and soft, complementing the bold blueberry flavours

Alcohol Base

Five Eleven Distilling

Smooth and clean, the perfect canvas for our blueberry profile

The Art of Crafting Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur

At Five Eleven Distilling, crafting premium spirits is our passion. It drives everything we do. Our Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur showcases this perfectly. We blend traditional methods with innovation in our distilling process. This makes a spirit that stands out. We’re proud to share the skill behind Rökkur. It shows our dedication to quality and taste.

We start with selecting the best grains. They are the heart of Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur’s unique taste. Our approach from grain to glass makes sure every step adds to our unique flavour. We use modern distillation but also keep the old ways alive. This mix is key to our spirit.

“Our dedication to detail in the quest for perfection is what sets Rökkur apart, making it not just a liqueur but a piece of our distillery's soul.”

We take great care in keeping the liqueur's flavour perfect. From picking the best blueberries to blending each batch carefully, our master distillers are experts in taste. They work hard to find the perfect balance. They mix old techniques with new technology for the ideal sip.

  • Sourcing the finest local blueberries, ensuring a pure and robust base.
  • Combining advanced distillation technology with traditional craftsmanship.
  • Quality control at each stage of production for flawless results.

Each berry and every bottle of our liqueur has a story. Our blueberry liqueur is not just a drink; it’s a celebration. It’s the Rökkur spirit, alive thanks to both science and passion.

Tasting Notes and Aroma Profile

Rökkur, Icelandic for twilight, invokes the evening with a beautiful purple colour. Sweet orange and spice meet you on the nose with a first sip slightly more refreshing than you might expect. As the liqueur coats your palate it settles into blueberries and cardamom with a nice warmth that feels like being wrapped up in a woolly blanket on a cold night.
Nose: orange, blueberries, baking
Palate: sweet, blueberry, spice

Unlocking the Sensory Experience

Each glass of our liqueur is a mix of great scents and tastes. It's more than just a drink. It's a full sensory experience. You start with the smell of fresh blueberries. Our skill in distilling shows in the aroma profile.

The Perfect Blend of Sweet and Tart

The taste is just right - not too sweet and not too tart. Both flavours match perfectly. This balance is why Rökkur is the best blueberry liqueur. It hits the spot for everyone.

Our love for great taste means you get an amazing drink. It's all about the natural taste and the people who make it. Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur is more than a drink. It's a celebration of life's sweet and tart moments, all in one bottle.

Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur: From Grain to Bottle

At Five Eleven Distilling, sustainable practices are a big part of what we do. They're key in making our authentic blueberry drink. "From grain to bottle" means more than just a process to us. It's about being kind to our planet every step of the way.

Our premium spirit production combines old distilling methods with new ones. We always respect the earth that gives us our ingredients. This mix of tradition and care creates the bold, pure flavour of Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur.

  • Selecting locally-sourced grains that meet our high standards for quality.
  • Maintaining a transparent distillation process that every connoisseur can trust.
  • Adhering to eco-friendly packaging to ensure our carbon footprint is minimal.

We aim to deliver an authentic blueberry drink that delights you. But it's more than that. It's about offering a drink that shares a story. A story of realness, excellence, and caring for our planet from the fields to your glass.

Production Stage

Sustainability Practice

Contribution to Quality

Grain Selection

Locally sourced, non-GMO grains

Enhances flavour profile & supports local agriculture


Energy-efficient distillation equipment

Purifies spirit, ensuring a clean and refined taste


Recyclable materials used for packaging

Preserves the integrity of the spirit & environment

Quality Checks

Continuous monitoring and improvement protocols

Guarantees consistency and excellence in every batch

Our dedication to a grain-to-bottle philosophy not only honours traditions of the distilling craft but also ensures that we're presenting a drink that's as responsible as it is decadent. This is the heart of Five Eleven Distilling.

Cocktail Recipes Featuring Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur

We at Five Eleven Distilling are excited to show you some cocktail recipes. These drinks use Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur. They are perfect for celebrations and bring out the liqueur's unique tastes.

Innovative Mixes for Every Occasion

Rokkur liqueur cocktails are great for parties or a chill night. They mix tradition with new ideas. Our drinks will please your taste and refresh you.

Signature Cocktails with a Blueberry Twist

Our drinks bring nature's colours and tastes to life with Rokkur Blueberry Liqueur. This special liqueur makes every sip better, turning the usual into the amazing.

Cocktail Name


Preparation Method

Rökkur Royale

Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur, Champagne, Lemon Twist

Pour Rökkur into a flute, top with Champagne, and garnish with a lemon twist.

Blueberry Martini

Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur, Vodka, Dry Vermouth, Fresh Blueberries

Shake Rökkur, vodka, and vermouth with ice. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with fresh blueberries.

Berry Patch Fizz

Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur, Lime Juice, Soda Water, Mint

Muddle mint at the bottom of a glass, add Rökkur and lime juice, fill with ice, top with soda, and stir gently.


We hope this journey sparks your interest in exploring Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur. Five Eleven Distilling reflects the beauty and richness of South Australia. Our dedication is shown through our premium craft spirits.

Our Five Eleven craft spirits journey echoes the strong beliefs of our distillery. They're not just drinks, but stories of dedication and craftsmanship. Each sip is a taste of our quality commitment and love for local products.

Discover the unique charm of Rökkur and our spirit selection. By choosing Five Eleven, you join a story of love for locality and sustainability. You get to appreciate our effort and the ideals behind our spirits.


What makes Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur a premium choice?

Making Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur involves careful steps. We use local, top-notch ingredients. This process ensures every bottle from Five Eleven Distilling shows our commitment to quality and authenticity.

How is Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur handcrafted?

We craft our liqueur with care in South Australia, using local blueberries. Our method blends old-school ways with new ideas. This makes our blueberry liqueur a great choice for drinks.

Why is sustainability important to Five Eleven Distilling?

For us, being sustainable means everything. We choose to make Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur in ways that care for our planet. We pick our grains nearby and use less energy. This makes this drink truly special.

Can Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur be used in cocktails?

Yes, it's perfect for creating unique drinks. Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur adds a special blueberry flavour. It's great for anyone wanting to make their own amazing cocktails.

What are the tasting notes of Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur?

This liqueur brings together sweet and slightly sour blueberries. Its taste is a mix of sweetness with a tart edge. Such a combination makes it one of the finest blueberry liqueurs out there.

Where can I explore Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur and other Five Eleven craft spirits?

Visit our cellar door @ SixTwelve Brewing, or look for our products in shops. You can also find them in some bars and restaurants. Trying our spirits is a way to enjoy what we're proud to create.

What is the best way to enjoy Rökkur Blueberry Liqueur?

Enjoy it your way – neat, with ice, or in a cocktail. It's made to enhance both simple and elaborate drinks. Its full flavour is always a treat.

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