Hard Lemonade by Five Eleven Distilling

Discover the Hard Lemonade by Five Eleven Distilling

Australians drink about 4.5 billion litres of beverages each year. Lemon-flavoured alcohol drinks are getting more popular. So we're excited to introduce Five Eleven Distilling's Hard Lemonade to you.

Our Hard Lemonade is a perfect drink for summer. It captures the zest of handcrafted spirit. It's great for any Australian event. Originally released only on tap at SixTwelve Brewing, this strong lemon drink has been a hit since October. We listened to your feedback about having the Hard Lemonade available in cans, so we canned it! Now, it's easy for everyone in Australia to enjoy it whenever they want.

We'll share more about why our Hard Lemonade is a top pick among lemon-flavoured alcohol drinks.

The Story Behind Our Hard Lemonade

At Five Eleven Distilling, our Hard Lemonade story began with a spark of inspiration. We wanted to make a true, delicious Hard Lemonade. It would feel like Aussie sunshine in a drink. Our adventure started with the goal to make something genuinely refreshing.

Our early trials were first shared at the SixTwelve Brewing tap room. The feedback was super positive from everyone there!

Origins and Inspiration

We started with the classic idea of Hard Lemonade. But we made it with Aussies in mind.We used Australian Ingredients for our recipe. Every sip is packed with a fresh zing and full flavour.

Listening to Your Feedback

We always listen to what our customers say. People that tried our Hard Lemonade at SixTwelve Brewing loved our tart, delicious drink. They asked for it in cans so they could enjoy it anywhere, anytime. Our community's support has driven us to improve and create the top Hard Lemonade out there, that is now available in cans

From Tap to Can

The Hard Lemonade first came out on tap at SixTwelve Brewing. It then reached places like Duke of Brunswick, Stein's Taphouse and now the Commercial Hotel Port Adelaide who also now have this deliciousness on tap

But now by canning it, it stays fresh everywhere. You can find it in bottle shops, including five Fassina stores now as well as online. We aimed to make this Hard Lemonade taste as great as it does from the tap.

Where to Enjoy Our Hard Lemonade

On Tap Locations

If enjoying a drink with friends is your thing, our Hard Lemonade is on tap at some popular spots. Check out:

  • SixTwelve Brewing - St Agnes
  • Duke of Brunswick - Adelaide
  • Stein's Taphouse - Barossa
  • Commercial Hotel - Port Adelaide

Bottle Shops Availability

Want to enjoy our drink at home? We've teamed up with several bottle shops. You can find our Hard Lemonade cans at the following fiveFassina locations!

Check below for places where you can find our Hard Lemonade:



Fassina Para Hills

In Cans

Fassina Mansfield Park

In Cans

Fassina Pennington

In Cans

Fassina Camden Park

Fassina Glenelg

In Cans

In Cans

This move makes sure you can get our lemon-flavoured drink easily. Just visit a nearby bottle shop. Pick up a 4 pack for your next party.

Online Availability

You can alway get our delicious Hard Lemonade in our online store, grab yours today.

What Makes Our Hard Lemonade Unique

Five Eleven Distilling's Hard Lemonade is special. We focus on quality and details. It shows our skills and love for making top-notch drinks.

Carefully Crafted Ingredients

Our Hard Lemonade is made from Australian lemons, we only use the best, adding just the right amount of sweet and tart, we make each batch with care. 

Our Distilling Process

Our distilling process is key to our high-quality drink. We keep an eye on every step to ensure it's the best. Mixing old ways with new tech, we get consistency and authenticity. Every sip brings a refreshing taste of natural flavours and our passion for distilling.

Hard Lemonade: A Versatile Drink

Perfect for Any Occasion

Our Hard Lemonade is a top choice for any event. It’s perfect for a beach BBQ or a chic bar setup.Imagine having this zesty drink on a sunny beach. Or sharing it with friends at a party.  It brings a spark of flavour that fits any scene.

Hard Lemonade Cocktail Ideas

Explore fun Hard Lemonade cocktail recipes. They're great for anyone who loves mixing drinks. These ideas add a lemony twist to your favourite cocktails:

  • Pink Fizz:  Pour a glass of Hard Lemonade and add one shot of our Rose Gin, with 3 drops of Grenadine, to make the most delicious refreshing pink cocktail.
  • Hard Lemonade Mojito: Mix our Hard Lemonade, mint leaves, white rum, and a hint of soda for a zesty take on the traditional mojito.
  • Lemonade Spritz: Combine our Hard Lemonade with Prosecco and Aperol for a bubbly mix.

These recipes show how versatile our drink can be. Try them out and make your events unforgettable.

Why You Should Try Our Hard Lemonade

Our Hard Lemonade is a top pick among Australians. We're proud to offer a top-notch lemon drink. It truly stands out among the rest.

Now, our Hard Lemonade is easy to find in SouthAustralia. You can find our kegs at places like SixTwelve Brewing, Duke of Brunswick, Commercial Hotel and Stein’s Taphouse. Five Fassina stores also have our cans. Enjoying this zesty drink is easy.

At Five Eleven Distilling, quality is key. Our Hard Lemonade is more than a drink. It's about creativity and excellence. We invite you to try what we believe is the top Hard Lemonade out there.

Why do people love our Hard Lemonade? Here's a quick look:



Quality Ingredients

Natural and Australian, ensuring a premium taste.


On tap at select locations and available in cans in various bottle shops.


Perfect for any event or as a cocktail base.

Customer Feedback

Refined based on enthusiastic responses and suggestions.

Once you try our Hard Lemonade, you'll see why it is becoming so popular. Cheers to a drink that brings refreshing vibes!

To sum up

Our Hard Lemonade celebrates the Aussie lifestyle. Five Eleven Distilling makes more than drinks. Wecreate experiences. This journey started as a popular on tap drink at SixTwelve Brewing and now thanks to our fans, it's available in cans.

We listened to what our customers said. That's why our Hard Lemonade is so good. Now that you can find it on tap or in a can, the taste is always amazing.


What makes Five Eleven Distilling's Hard Lemonade special?

Our HardLlemonade is unique because we carefully source our ingredients. This gives our lemon drink a great taste, perfect for any time of year.

Where did the inspiration for your Hard Lemonade come from?

We wanted to make an authentic Hard Lemonade. It was inspired by Australia's sunny days and balmy nights. Over at SixTwelve Brewing it was much loved, so we made it even better by making it available in cans.

Where can I find your Hard Lemonade on tap?

You can find our lemonade on tap at the following places 

  • SixTwelve Brewing
  • Duke of Brunswick 
  • Steins Taphouse. 
  • Commercial Hotel

These spots give you the fresh, on-tap flavour everyone loves.

In which stores can I buy your Hard Lemonade in cans?

You can buy our canned lemonade at five Fassina stores. 

  • Fassina Para Hills
  • Fassina Mansfield Park
  • Fassina Glenelg
  • Fassina Pennington
  • Fassina Camden Park

This makes it easy to enjoy our drink anywhere.

What ingredients do you use in your Hard Lemonade?

We use the best ingredients for our Hard Lemonade. This focus on quality makes our drink stand out in Australia.

Can I create cocktails with your Hard Lemonade?

Yes! Our lemonade is great for making cocktails. It adds a fresh, lemony twist to any drink recipe.

What occasions is your Hard Lemonade suitable for?

Our Hard Lemonade is perfect for any event. From beach BBQs to chic bar setups, it's always a good choice.

Why should I try Five Eleven Distilling's Hard Lemonade?

Trying our lemonade means enjoying top-quality, tasty, and uniquely Australian craftsmanship. It's more than just a drink; it's an experience.

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